KaCey Venning's mission for creating CarVen Spice Company is simple, she wants to take care of her family and community. She thought for years about a product that she was passionate about but also something that most people would and could use.  On a drive back to Atlanta from Virginia Beach, CarVen was born.  It was the perfect blend.  CarVen was a thank you to her father for his memorable meals and her mother who wanted something simple to use as she began to cook more often after KaCey's father's death in 2000. 

The three Classic Trio blends are a testaments to the spices that are used most often in KaCey's family's kitchen.  Whether it's satisfying a craving for friend chicken, sauteeing shrimp or baking fish, or even just a multi-purpose blend for veggies and beef, KaCey knew she needed to provide something that had everything you needed in one bottle!

CarVen's blends are chemical and filler free (so shake well).  The seasoning blends do not have a salt base.  While the Classic Trio has salt as an ingredient, the blends are do not have a foundation of salt. Salt has been added to enhance flavor.  As KaCey is committed to family and community, she is committed to keeping seasoning blends as healthy as she can. Stay tuned for salt-free blends soon! 

Starting this small business is a labor of love and it is designed to keep life and community spiced with the perfect blend of love, support and passion. You can support this perfect blend through each purchase.  $1 from each sale benefits Helping Empower Youth, Inc., an Atlanta based nonprofit working to impact the lives of young black men.